Innovation, precision and performance are the basic elements that characterize the KM 940

Telaio - Ridimensionata


Italian design, artisan construction of Venetian master to produce comfortable frames with high strength and reactivity.

The aluminum frame has been designed and built specifically to maximize the power of the engine and the athlete. The supporting frame, where the engine is placed inside, has the right torsional rigidity that together with a calculated elasticity creates the right compromise between performance and comfort.


A modern engine with reduced dimensions and weights, but with high performance. The KM 940 is equipped with a latest generation engine that can deliver 250W at 80Nm, up to five levels of assistance for any use.

The bicycle is practically neutral, the only difference from a muscular bicycle is the weight increase brought by the motor and the battery.

In the first half pedal we already feels a help, light but continuous, in this mode we use the motor support at minimum, the motor helps to overcome the greater weight of the bicycle by pedaling lightly.

We start to travel, the pace is smooth, we can already manage the wheelbase having a good speed, it is ideal for a medium-long cycle tourism.

The power is beginning to make itself felt, a motor assistance useful during the training phase with the possibility to make work well heart and motor together, excellent for a controlled cardio-muscular management.

Just fun, the help that comes from the engine feels strong, difficult to remain impassive, it comes the desire to push more and more to the pedal to see how far we can get.

Power at the highest level, the power generator pushes with all its torque, you only look for maximum performance, an exciting ride, pure adrenaline.


KM 940 not only builds bicycles, their energy is supplied by batteries of our own production, built with lithium cells of the most important brands.

The batteries are up to five times more powerful than a normal battery used on assisted bicycles. The high capacity of the battery means that the stress suffered by the single lithium cells during discharge and recharging is less and this guarantees a longer life of the battery. Integrated in the bicycle like a real electric vehicle, the battery recharges quickly through a protected Ip68 socket easy to use.

With the KM 940 you will have a record autonomy for unthinkable mileages until now.