Yours and only yours


KM 940 is not a simple bike, born as you wanted it, built according to your needs and your taste, customized in small details, impossible to find another KM 940 bike like yours. KM 940 is not “a bicycle” but “the bicycle”… unique.

Graphics, Images and Logos

The graphics may have personalize colors through original and innovative painting systems: cubicatura, airbrushes and special finishing treatments lead to a real customization of your vehicle.

Through the manual processing of airbrushing we can draw and graphically compose any image. Cubing creates designs and shapes that until now have never been used in the world of bicycles.

Components and Accessories

All the best known brands of cycling components are used in the production of the KM 940 bicycles.

Medium-high range components assembled with care and precision lead to a product that can satisfy even the most demanding cyclist.