The warranty will be sign up as a registration by the mother company at the time of occur delivery of the vehicle by assigning the unique serial code placed on the bicycle to the name referred by each buyer. The sale of the vehicle to third parties without the registration of the new owner will invalidate the warranty.

The warranty on mechanical parts is 2 years (two) except on materials subject to wear such as rims, wheels, saddles, bearings, brake discs and brake pads with their hydraulic tubes, handlebar tape, cables and sheaths, lights, kickstands, and other accessories.

The warranty on the engine and on the electronic accessories is 2 years (two) or 20000 km (twenty thousand).

The KM 940 guarantees its batteries 3 years (three) or 800 charged after that there will be a maintenance of at least 60% of the capacity. During the period of use of the battery it will progressively lose its capacity, it is necessary to pay attention to the mode of use because lithium is an element that can easily deteriorate from excessive temperatures or improper storage (see the attached battery use mode). To not lose the warranty only the authorized staff by the mother company can access to the battery box.

The warranty of the frame is 10 years (ten), the warranty doesn’t cover any splinters or scratches of the varnished surface caused by stones, accidental falls, inadequate storage and parking or exposure to heat sources beyond the permitted.

The customer can request assistance on the vehicle at any authorized point of the sales network. It will be up to the control office (dealer) to determine if the defect is included in the warranty formula or if it was procured for manifest improper use of the vehicle. If the defect is proven to be covered by the warranty formula, the dealer will send to the mother company a communication with the serial code of the vehicle in order to obtain authorization to intervene on the bicycle or to evaluate a possible withdrawal of the vehicle by the mother company.

If maintenance or intervention is carried out by persons that are not authorized by the mother company, the warranty will be invalidated.

The warranty starts from the date of vehicle registration and follows the owner or any owners of the bicycle for the entire established period.

The warranty will be valid as described above even in case of sale to third parties. In this case, in order to maintain the validity of the warranty, it is obligatory to send to the mother company a communication of the transference by the website where it will be registered.