“… after three days and three nights of intense cycling in the rain and sun that intermittently changed the landscape between London and Edinburgh, the forces began to fade. Morning of August 1, 2017, the restart was difficult, after ten hours of continuous ups and downs back from Edinburgh, the surrender. At kilometer 940 of the LEL, London Edinburgh London, I became aware that sufferance has not to prevail over fun. Back in Italy, I started building the first assisted road bike for long distances.”

KM 940 is an Italian company, more precisely it comes from Veneto, which was created to give anyone the opportunity to run with a bicycle on any type of route, alone and in company, keeping up with everyone even with the most trained athletes.


The philosophy of the KM 940 is based on the passion for the bicycle and the desire to create something never experienced before. KM 940 bicycles are exciting e-bikes, with a future-oriented Italian design, a particular attention to the choice of materials and components of the best brands to provide a product of high quality and safety.

The beauty of using the bicycle without having the nightmare of being without energy, the only bicycle that can make you ride for hours without thoughts.

KM 940 promotes sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles both for short and daily journeys and for long routes. Today you can go to work without too much effort, crossing the city traffic more easily, without polluting and at significantly lower costs. In your free time you can enjoy spending the whole day cycling on your bike without any obstacles on any type of route.

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