Customizable e-bikes in graphics and components with autonomy for long mileages

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KM940 Home Autonomia


Kilometres over the limits

A different concept of bicycle movement. Up to now we have measured our road in travelled kilometres and speeds, today we can change our measurement parameters. Time will be the added value. We will begin to quantify beyond space the hours of travel that we have available without having to stop us to charge the battery.

The KM 940 is the only bike in the world that allows you to ride on long distance routes. Rome-Bozen, Paris-Toulouse, Madrid-Gibraltar, Berlin-Munich, Warsaw-Wien, London-Edinburgh are just some of the possible routes you can cross with a single charge.


Innovation, precision and performance

Frames with high strength and reactivity. Modern engine with reduced dimensions and weights, but with high performance. Record autonomy for unthinkable mileages until now.

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Total synergy

KM 940s are not normal e-bikes, pedalling you immediately feel a new feeling, pleasant is to feel that you have immediate and total control of the force, the energy produced by the union between man and motor becomes fluid, cycling becomes “easy”.


Yours and only yours

KM 940 is not a simple bike, born as you wanted it, built according to your needs and your taste, customized in small details, impossible to find another bicycle like yours. KM 940 is not “a bicycle” but “the bicycle”… unique.

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Dedicated graphics

Opportunities for hotels, shops and companies from different sectors

The KM 940 e-bikes, due to their versatility, can be customized both by private individuals and by companies that want to communicate a slogan and/or promote their brand through dedicated graphics.

About us

Our phylosophy

KM 940 is an Italian company, more precisely it comes from Veneto, which was created to give anyone the opportunity to run with a bicycle on any type of route, alone and in company, keeping up with everyone even with the most trained athletes.

Our philosophy is based on 5 principles: quality, safety, beauty, sustainability and easiness.

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KM940 Cuore


Cycling with an KM 940 E-bike

The heart is an organ which we must protect, a good cardiovascular activity is essential to stay healthy and keep active muscles and joints. Controlled pedalling means that you can train without tiring your body. Riding a KM 940 bicycle means practicing a weighted and measured workout for each of us.


Join the community

Write to us by the dedicated form to ask for information or suggest new ideas in order to create a unique bicycle for you. Follow us on social networks, publish on Facebook and Instagram the photos of your KM 940 to let the world know your custom e-bike.

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E-bike KM 940

KM 940 Point

Qualified specialist technicians

Just as you feel comfortable wearing a suit of the right size, so the bicycle must be of the right size too. Have a specialist take over the exact measurements of your bicycle. Look for the nearest KM 940 Point or suggest to a store of your choice to become a new KM 940 Point to be sure to order the right bicycle for you. The KM 940 Point may become your reference service store.


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